Virginia Scott - Rainer Bürck, pianos
Rainer Bürck met Virginia Scott when he premiered her work "Terma" together with his piano duo partner Robert Rühle at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in November 1993. They stayed in touch, and in August 1996 they recorded a CD together at Kumara Studios in Llandeilo / Wales which they may release some time. Virginia Scott and Rainer Bürck also think of doing concerts together.

Virginia Scott writes about this collaboration:

'At the heart of music is improvisation. Improvisation in performance creating sound images. It is extended in meaningful ways when two are contributing....interaction, spontaeneously developing sonic light and shade, freely, dynamically articulating the language of the piano, and exploring all possible textures of the moment. Skill, temperament, openess, listening, ebbing and flowing to shape time and space.
Noise, silence, gesture, abstraction, physically approaching an intention, affirming the presence of sound, shifting restlessly, relentlessly through the crenilations of possibilites. A sound, a silence, a pitch, a rhythm, wood, felt and strings, forming a strange subliminal sojourn in a world of aural tectonics. We pause, we play and we live though a moment inside the energy of sound. We leave a trace in time, a whisper in the ear of now.'

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